Special Occasions Catering

There are plenty of big and small occasions you can seize to celebrate throughout the year, aside from the obvious stuff like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, major milestones and events like graduations, engagements and retirements. Many are one-time occasions or “firsts,” while others are recurring and can become family traditions to commemorate.

Of course, a celebration doesn’t need to involve something extravagant like a big party or an elaborate dinner or a fancy bottle of champagne. But at Food Gurus Catering we believe that a special occasion deserves special food, we have the experience and skills to offer a wide range of catered dishes, menu types and flavours to suit you and your guests. You can choose from our range of planned catering menus, or we can help you develop a menu for your event that meets your exact requirements and budget.

  • Birthday
  • Engagement Party
  • Hen Party
  • Bridal Shower
  • Wedding
  • Anniversary Party
  • Retirement Party

Funeral, or Celebration of life as we like to see it.

Losing a loved one is always a challenging time for families and Food Gurus Catering understands those challenges. We are here to support you in your needs for sensitive funeral catering.

Relieving the Burden of Planning

Providing food for guests at the memorial service isn’t likely to be at the top of your list of things to do. Our professional catering staff at Food Gurus is adept at handling all of your hospitality needs in a dignified and efficient manner.

Our caterers take care of everything from menu planning – with your input of course – to table settings to final clean up. This allows you to attend to your own needs and the needs of family and friends struggling with the loss.

It doesn't matter whether you are celebrating a joyous occasion or saying farewell to a loved one, food is always a key component of social gatherings. The act of breaking bread and sharing has been an integral component of events since time immemorial.

However, preparing such a desirable meal for a funeral can be a difficult, near impossible task for just yourself and immediate family. Our funeral catering services in the Bay of Plenty area is here to step in and ensure that all of your guests receive quality food and drinks in a timely manner.

Our Celebration of Life Menu is designed to bring comfort to people during their grieving.