Rena Rescue Catering

It's been a busy few weeks at Food Gurus HQ, and we're not talking about the Rugby World Cup!
We've been busy doing our bit
While most of the rest of New Zealand have been focused on the Rugby World Cup, the people of the wider Bay of Plenty have been anxiously watching the salvage of Rena off the coast of Mount Maunganui. Here at Food Gurus, we have been doing our bit to help out by feeding the people who have been given the difficult task of sorting it all out.

Our involvement started with a phone call from Maritime NZ on the Saturday after Rena ran aground, to see if we could cater for the staff people at the newly-established Incident Command Centre. The following Monday we were up and running, and fed around 200 people for both lunch and dinner.

The next day that number rose to 600, including people working on the beaches and at the National Oiled Wildlife Centre. On the Wednesday, the numbers rose to 845.

At that point, with the salvage effort continuing to grow and likely to continue for months to come, we decided to scale back down to feeding just the Incident Command Centre, and allow other local catering businesses to take a share of the load. Since then things have calmed down, but we've continued to cater for around 200 people a day including visiting MPs, Prime Ministers and officials.

Phew! Now we can get on with business as usual, including running all of the weddings and events that we have booked up for the summer.

An apology
This is, of course, a roundabout way of explaining to you why we might not have been as good at staying in touch recently, particularly if you have a wedding or event in the coming months. However, you can rest assured that we haven't forgotten you, and everything is still on track for us to deliver the same high quality catering experience we've built our reputation on. If there is anything you need from us, please just give us a call at the office, 075752613, or phone Evan directly on 021625659.
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