Peas and Bob what a great Wedding feast

Hi Evan, 
I just wanted to thank you so much for the food you provided, we have had nothing but AMAZING feedback!!!! AMAAAAZING FEEDBACK!!
I wish i could eat, i was telling Bev, hahaha - that i just couldnt eat hardly anything on my plate because i wasnt hungry......or, for some reason, i just could hardly eat??????? So unlike me..................cause i was hanging out, 
But when Jamie and i got back to the lodge, and had a bath and were more relaxed etc....we were starving!!!! and seriously thought about breaking in to the kitchen hahahahahaha!!!
You did an awesome Job!!! just awesome!!!!!!!! Jamie is very hard to please when it comes to food, but he LOVED what he ate! so from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU
MANY MANY blessings

liz & jamie  : )




Circulated Canapés
Mini burgers-cheese, egg
Asparagus Frittata mini crust-less quiche with cheese
Warm Goat Cheese Bruschetta caramelized onion & herbed tomato
Spicy plum grilled chicken sticks
Prawn twisters with sweet chili sauce
 Main course
For Liz: a trio platter of- half a baby pumpkin filled with coconut risotto,
seared red pepper filled with herbed kumara & baked mushroom lasagne
For Jamie: a trio platter of- bacon wrapped beef and mushroom skewer, pesto and cream cheese breast of chicken & baked fresh snapper
Fillet of beef, bacon and mushroom skewered
on port wine Jus
Pesto cream cheese filled chicken breast
with white wine and herb beurre blanc
Baked fresh snapper with beurre noisette, capers, lemon and herbs
Vegetarian meal: Baby pumpkin filled with mushroom and coconut risotto on
a red pepper coulis
 Cicely’s herb laden fresh leaf salad with orange, avocado and tangy balsamic dressing
Seasonal vegetables roasted with sesame oil
Home cut chunky chips with dipping sauces
Served Dessert Platters
Stem glass of Tiramisu
Lemmony lemon Tart under the blow torch
Chocolate overload: hand made chocolate bon bons,
 Kahlua cream and mint chocolate straws in dark chocolate cuplettes