Catering AIMS Games 2011

Register now for your teams catering at this years Tauranga AIMS Tournament.

Last year we catered over 2500 meals, both lunch and dinner, delivered to seven school groups and the AIMS Officials, coaches and organizers.
Save yourself the hassle of trying to find food in the already busy local shops and save your school money and time. Book with Food Gurus to provide your teams with nutritious, tasty, cost effective food, ready to eat and with little fuss.

The sporting championships give Year 7 and 8 students (11, 12 and 13 year olds) an opportunity to compete as an individual or in a team against the best of their age in New Zealand in fifteen different sports. Each of the fifteen sports offered in 2011 will hosted in superb facilities where the best in the country for their age will have the opportunity to perform at their best. The aim of the event is to provide opportunities for the student in the middle years to complete at an elite level, be active, celebrate fair play and enjoy success and it is through events such as the NZCT AIMS GAMES that these students will be provided with challenges and the opportunity to perform to a high standard.

In seven years, the NZCT AIMS GAMES have gone from a small festival of sport, to what are now considered the National Championships for Intermediate and Middle schools. Hand in hand with the growth, has been the emergence of the NZCT AIMS GAMES as a pathway, to sporting achievement and success. The 2010 NZCT AIMS GAMES were embraced by 107 schools from throughout New Zealand (approximately 3,870 students and 880 coaches/managers).