Frequently Asked Questions

YES!! A comment from a recent happy client: Hi Evan, just a quick note to thank you for your excellent service with my son. He loved your food and all is well, Eva. (NOTE: son has a severe gluten allergy)

Yes we have our allergy free meals prepared in a separate area, to ensure no cross contamination.

Please advise your coordinator to inform us on booking and we will take every care to ensure your child is well looked after.

Our usual policy is that we do not offer tastings, this is for several reasons:

  1. We order and prepare food for each individual event
  2. We buy our product in bulk, usually for a minimum of 20 portions at a time
  3. Our commercial factory kitchen is not really an environment conducive to providing a tasting area
  4. Our food license prohibits serving food on our own premises (silly I know, but it is a resource consent issue that we are trying to have changed through council)
  5. As our references and testimonials attest, our quality of food and service are excellent and we stand by our reputation

Yes, we cater to any venue, private or hired. Our quoted menu would include travel.

Each price given includes food and service as described.
There are other conciderations, eg. crockery and silverware so the best thing to do is contact Food Gurus Catering, and we can quote for your unique event.

Yes, our chefs are fully trained and experienced, and are able to take care of the needs of all your guests.