Catering and Food Services

At Food Gurus we have the experience and skills to offer a wide range of catered dishes, menu types and flavours.

Food Gurus Catering designs your menu with your tastes and preferences catered to, we work within your budget, you and your guests can specify any  preferences or dietary restrictions and will receive full service, and as many courses as you'd like.

Food Gurus Catering Co. is known for delicious food and attentive service.

Our food is made from the best ingredients, cooked fresh and served to you with care.

Our food presentation is important to us, so our meals always look great as well as taste delicious. The next time you want to impress your guests, plan to have Food Gurus Catering Co. take care of the menu.

All our menus are prepared and served by experienced chefs and trained food service staff.

Although we can customize just about any menu or food dish to meet your needs, below are just a few of our current menu options:


Tray passed, canapés refers to the food service option in which our staff circulate with food on trays through your guests so they can sample food as they wish.

Canapé service works best if people are mingling with drinks or are just arriving, or a short event. We ensure prompt and professional service, providing ample food to satisfy your guests.

There is no doubt that our tray passed appetizers are delicious, and everyone will be craving the food as soon as it is served.

Plated Menus

A plated meal can be exceptionally nice for small or large groups because no one has to stand in long lines, you can choose your menu, the food isn't at risk for getting cold and the portion sizes that each person receives are controlled.

Food Gurus Catering Co. ensures that there are no downsides to having a plated meal.

We provide professional waiters so that no matter how big your guest list is no one gets left hanging, even if they ask for an extra knife or extra dressing.

Personal attention is what we are known for and our event catering staff is just as dedicated to our high standards as we are.

Buffet Menus

A buffet is a type of event in which people gather and are served food. It helps to hire an event planner when deciding how to serve your food to your guests during a buffet because it depends on the venue, the space, the number of guests and your budget.

Some people think that a buffet is cheaper than a sit down dinner but that isn't entirely true especially if you would like more elaborate foods.

A buffet menu provides a larger food variety for your guests to help themselves, while being assisted and guided by our trained staff.

Choosing the right menu with Food Gurus Catering Company

Food Gurus Catering Co. has a variety of buffet foods and menus meant to fit and satisfy a wide array of budgets, tastes and event sizes. Catered food is one of the most important things to consider when planning an occasion, so let Food Gurus Catering ensure the smooth and stress free catering for your next event or occasion. 

The great thing about Food Gurus Catering Co. is that we help you decide which type of food service is best for your event based on the occasion, number of expected guests and the venue as a whole.

It is also important to consider the timing of an event: If trays passed canapés are a good option for you, then our caterers will suggest what types of food to serve based on your food tastes, theme of your event and the time of day. 

Every part of your event could be catered to the theme if you wish. For instance, if you are having a medieval themed party, we could serve a table banquet and have our waiters dressed in costume.

If your wedding has a Japanese theme we could serve sushi, tepanyaki and vegetable tempura.

Get in touch now to find out more about our catering services and how we can help make your special day, perfect